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Post-Op Cryotherapy

For many years, scientific researchers worldwide have experimented with deep-freezing methods to preserve organs and even life itself.

Cryo-Therapy, the therapeutic treatment of trauma with cold has become widely accepted as one of the most effective first aid methods. Cold therapy is nowadays extensively used for the treatment of strains, sprains and bruises, in retarding the formation of hematoma and mostly for post-operative treatments. Prompt application of cold will reduce swelling by slowing the flow of blood and other fluids to the injured area.

The use of Cryo-Therapy constricts the capillary vessels and thereby diminishes the amount of bleeding at the site of the injury. This enables the lymphatic system to help drain the tissue spaces and minimize swelling. The cold has also an anesthetic effect on the nerves, thereby relieving the sensation of pain and restoring a feeling of strength and mobility.  Since cold penetrates body tissue to a greater extent than heat, it is increasingly being used as a therapeutic treatment for prompt relief of pain.

We. are committed to develop new line of "High Quality, Easy to Use, Reusable Cryo-Therapy Products" for the needs of today's physicians. CRYO-THERAPY FOR POST-OP TREATMENTS.

Prompt application of cold therapy has great value in Post-Operative treatments and trauma, in reducing swelling by slowing the flow of blood and other fluids to the injured area. Patients also benefit from its anesthetic effect on the nerves, relieving the sensation of pain.

Because cold therapy helps to restore strength, mobility and range of motion more quickly, patients may reduce their hospital stay, heal faster and feel better sooner. Our Cryo-Products provide hours of relief. With simple freezer storage between uses, these versatile Hot/Cold Therapy Compresses can be applied again and again. No more cumbersome leaky gloves, ice bags or frozen peas!

The flexible non-cracking PVC thermo plastic membranes conform gently to the area where the application of cold is needed. Our unique treatment gels remain pliable even at temperatures as low as -25°F (-27°C).

Scientific, anatomical designs in our compresses keeps the gel distributed over the treatment area for a better Cryo-Therapy (cold therapy) treatment. 
Both the non freezable food grade treatment gel and the FDA approved Medical grade PVC crystal plastic are non-toxic, making our compresses safe for all applications.

All Cryo-Therapy Products should be used in accordance with instructions and cautions provided with the product and with the recommendations of a qualified physician. Our  Cryo-Therapy Products are preferred, recommended, and used by thousands of Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists, Eye Care Centers and Hospitals every day worldwide.

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