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Natural & Perfect Nails by Natural Perfection Skin Care

Part Number NP-248
Natural & Perfect Nails by Natural Perfection Skin Care
Natural & Perfect Nails by Natural Perfection Skin Care
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This all-natural nail care system is the secret to longer,
stronger, absolutely beautiful nails.

Do you have nails that break, chip or peel?
Well you don't have to anymore thanks to Natural & Perfect Nails.

"The revolutionary way to achieve professional
quality manicures at home"

Natural & Perfect Nail Kit Includes:

1 Micron-Crystal File (lifetime guarantee) w/protective case
3 Buffer Pads
1 Nutrient Cream
1 Bottle of Therapeutic Oil
Travel Case

Natural & Perfect Nails System is proudly manufactured using only the highest quality materials and ingredients available, Natural & Perfect Nails is the revolutionary way for women (and men) of all ages to achieve "professional quality" manicures at home.

Product Information:

  • All-natural
  • Prevents: breaking, chipping & peeling
  • Removes: ridges, stains & cuticles
  • Super shine, super easy, super fast!
  • For use with, or without, polish



 Your Nails BEFORE

 Your Nails AFTER

Your Nails are Naturally Perfect!

Clean, neat, smooth, shiny, manicured nails enhance your personal image and self worth whether you prefer short, medium, or long nails. The Natural & Perfect Nail Care System is the correct and most intelligent way for every man and woman to care for, develop, and beautify their nails.

Immediately after your first treatment, your nails will look fabulous with added strength to resist breaking, and new smoothness to prevent snagging. Nail ridges, stains, and other imperfections are instantly removed. Overgrown cuticles are safely erased. Now your natural nails have a pink glow and beautiful shine that lasts!

Nail polish users will discover that enamel glides on smoothly and evenly with added "sticking" power to stay on longer, resisting chipping. The treatment illuminates the shine of nail polish as never before.

Grow your nails faster, thinker and longer with regular use of Nail Repair Concentrated Cream and Nail Builder Complex Oil. Extra benefits include increased nail flexibility, moisture balancing, healing of dry irritated cuticles, and protection made possible with an exclusive antioxidant formula.

Shape and Finish the Nail Tip

Finish Underside of the Nail
Safely Remove Excess Cuticle Smooth Away Rough Skin.

 Pad #1 

Lightly buff nail with the purple pad to smooth ridges and clean stains. (Do not remove very deep ridges entirely this first treatment.)

Pad #2

With gently pressure, buff with the white pad until a velvety, matte finish appears on the entire nail.

 Pad #3

Vigorously buff with the gray pad using quick strokes and pressure to give nail an incredibly lustrous shine!

 Tip: Buff with the gray pad often to restore gloss.
Only use all three pads about every two weeks.


 Nail Builder Complex Oil
Helps protect and stimulate growth with a balance of therapeutic oils.
Antioxidant enhanced


Concentrated Nutrient Nail Cream
Helps restore and heal with a blend of vitamins, proteins, and moisturizer

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