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About your skin


The skin is your body's largest organ! We generally know so little about it, especially how to care for our own skin. This is the Body's protective suit, and essentially takes care of itself. We never even think about it until we have a problem and then we seek treatment and sometimes we get "mistreatments".

The skin layer that is visible is the Epidermis. The named layers of the epidermis include the stratum germinativum, stratum spinosum, stratum granulosum and stratum corneum. The most outer skin layer is called The Stratum corneum.

This is what you see, the main barrier and the ultimate protector for your body. Just by being alive your skin produces new skin cells underneath the older skin cells. The older skin cells that die stay on the body until they fall off by themselves or by exfoliation. These older skin cell are the "DEAD SKIN CELLS".

Most people are concerned about exfoliating their face only, because it is the skin that everybody sees the most. This is about 5% of the total skin area.

What about the rest of the skin area, the rest of the body?

Exfoliation will help bring out to the surface new healthy skin cells and take the dead cells away.

Healthy skin makes you look and feel better !

 "The exfoliation of the skin is very popular in this day and age of personal body care. Exfoliating refreshes and renews the skin by removing the dead and hardened skin. A natural way to exfoliate the hands and feet is with a pumice stone and the body with scrubs and loofahs".


The EPIDERMIS has millions of tiny nerve-fibrils right under the Stratum corneum. These Nerve-Fibrils when massaged with a loofah, scrub or even with your hands, "release" some kind of trapped energy that gives the sensation of relaxation and satisfaction.

This is an invigorating sensation that helps you release that stored energy in those tiny nerve endings.


The blood-vascular system comprises the heart, the arteries, veins, blood vessels and the capillaries with their contained fluid, the blood.

The passage of the blood through the heart, arteries, veins, blood vessels and capillaries returning to the heart is called the circulation.

The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to all the human cells.



The lymphatic system is not really a separate system of the body. It is considered part of the circulatory system since it consists of lymph, a moving fluid that comes from the blood and returns to the blood by way of the lymphatic vessels.

Lymph carries some nutrients around the body, especially fat. It also distributes germ-fighting white cells.

Lymph resembles plasma, but is more diluted and contains only about 5% of proteins and 1% of salts and extractives. It is formed from bits of blood and other body liquids, called interstitial fluid or tissue fluid that collect in the spaces between cells. Some of the interstitial fluid goes back into the body through the capillary membrane, but most enters the lymphatic capillaries to become lymph.

Along with this interstitial fluid, the lymph also picks up any particles that are too big to be absorbed through the capillary membrane. These include cell debris, fat globules, and tiny protein particles. The lymph then moves into the larger lymphatic vessels and through the lymph nodes and eventually enters the blood through the veins in the neck region. 

The lymphatic system is thus a secondary transport system.

Lymph has no pump of its own. Its flow depends on pressure from the blood system and the massaging effect of the muscles.

Lymphatics are found in nearly every texture and organ of the body that contains blood vessels. Lymphatic System, common name for the circulatory vessels or ducts in which the fluid bathing the tissue cells of vertebrates is collected and carried to join the bloodstream. The lymphatic system is of primary importance in transporting digested fat from the intestine to the bloodstream; in removing and destroying toxic substances; and in resisting the spread of disease throughout the body.

By using this seaweed soap wrapped in a sisal fiber loofah you are doing many good things to your body and your skin while you are bathing!!! 

While you are bathing with the Algaessage™ Seaweed Soap you can massage your complete body with the soap using circular motions always towards the heart. Some of the benefits you will get are:

  • You are exfoliating that ugly looking dead and hardened skin so you bring that healthy new skin that your body is renewing every day. This way your skin will breathe and will be able to function the way it is supposed to.
  • When bathing, massaging with Algaessage™ Seaweed Soap the loofah will help you apply an invigorating and relaxing topical massage and will release all that "trapped" energy in the "Micro Nerve Endings".
  • It is well known that "Topical Massage" helps increase and stimulate blood circulation. This way the blood will bring more oxygen and nutrients to all those tiny areas where you are not getting enough blood. (Especially if you are fat or obese). Working all day sitting down on your behind does not help at all. The skin and the capillaries on the back of the legs and the buttocks are not getting the nutrients and oxygen needed for a good skin tone.
  • "Topical Massage" also helps to the increase and stimulates the Lymphatic System; the Lymphatic system is not directly "hooked" to the heart and blood circulation. This is "THE OTHER TRANSPORT SYSTEM" with no "PUMP" of its own. "It depends on pressure from the blood system and the massaging effect of the muscles". . . So let's give it some help every day and massage daily all over the body with nice even gentle circular strokes while bathing.

After all you, have to take a shower every day, so lets help our largest organ a little for a healthier looking skin and a wonderful invigorating sensation.







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