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Eyes Pack Unilateral hot/cold Compress

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Eyes Pack Unilateral hot/cold Compress
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Unilateral Medical Grade Eye Compress, therapeutic hot/cold pack for Pre-Op and Post-Op uses, adjustable, reusable non-sterile and latex free. Therapeutic hot/cold eye and face packs are specially designed to conform to the face and contours where the application of a hot/cold compress therapy is required. It is manufactured with a special PVC FDA-approved non-toxic plastic material filled with non-freezable gel that is guaranteed not to freeze or harden at cold temperatures.
Eyes Pack Unilateral eye compress was designed to be used for Post-Op one eye procedures and in the OR during eye surgeries to apply cold therapy directly onto the eye as soon as the doctor finishes and moves to the other eye. (prior proper sterilization is required to be used in the OR)

Recommended use for Pre-Op, during surgery and Post-Operative applications in Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology.

Post-Collagen injection
Post-Permanent Eye Liner
Post-Vision Correction
Post-Laser applications
Dry Eye Treatment
Eye Muscle Tension
Trauma, Emergency Room.

General Home Uses:

Puffy eyes treatment.
Alleviation of tired eyes. 
Helps ease headaches and tension.
Soothing, Refreshing and Relaxing.
First aid for trauma. 

Use Hot to help relieve clogged sinuses due to colds and allergies. Also to treat Blepharitis, Chalazion, Chalazia.

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